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Fikirtepe project from the champion

Updated: Jan 9

Öztürk Holding, which ranked 18th in the 'World's Top 250 Contractors' list with its investments in Africa, is counting the days for its investments in Istanbul. The company, which has chosen Africa as its epicenter for 10 years, will undergo urban transformation in Fikirtepe and Gaziosmanpaşa.

The "World's Top 250 International Contractors" list, created by the INTERNATIONAL construction industry magazine ENR (Engineering News Record) based on the revenues of contractors from their activities outside their countries in the previous year, has been announced. This year, 43 companies entered the list, which included 42 Turkish companies last year. Öztürk İnşaat, which entered the list for the first time this year, attracted attention by ranking first among Turkish companies and 18th in the world rankings. Stating that they entered the African market 10 years ago, Öztürk Holding Chairman Yusuf Öztürk said, “We have investments in Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia and Sudan. The current business size in Africa and Saudi Arabia is 3.6 billion dollars. The 740 million dollar double highway project we won last year in Cameroon continues. We are building a 1.3 billion dollar hotel-style complex that will appeal to 100 thousand Indonesian pilgrims. "We have completed 5.7 billion dollars worth of energy, university, mass housing and hospital works in Africa so far," he said.

53 BILLION DOLLAR PLAN Stating that they are the market dominant in Africa, Öztürk stated that there is a 53 billion dollar project signed and planned to be carried out in the coming years and that they are working on financing models for this. Stating that they are developing projects with state guarantee in Africa, Öztürk said that they are working on financing with international financial institutions and funds. Stating that it was a surprise for them to be included in the list of 'The World's Top 250 International Contractors', Öztürk said, “We were operating with 16 companies abroad. By bringing these companies under one roof, we managed to get into the list. A proud success for our country. "At the same time, our responsibilities have also increased," he said. IT WILL TRANSFORM ISTANBUL Stating that they carried out contracting works in Turkey until 2009 and then focused on abroad, Öztürk stated that they are planning urban transformation in Istanbul. Stating that they will be located in Fikirtepe in Istanbul, Öztürk said, “Our Fikirtepe project has been on the agenda for 2.5 years. The process was prolonged due to zoning issues. We have an area of 33 thousand square meters and we will invest 360 million lira. "There will be residential and commercial units," he said. Stating that they are planning a transformation project of 3 thousand 100 houses on an area of 128 thousand square meters in Gaziosmanpaşa, Öztürk said: “In 2012, we would be involved in the Esenler urban transformation project led by the then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. However, the President called for the construction of low-rise housing. According to the zoning conditions, there was no contracting profit left in that project. That's why we left this project.” Our Share is Small There are 43 Turkish companies on the list, but their share in the international market is low. The total revenue of 250 companies in the international market last year was 521 billion 199 million dollars. Turkey's share is 29.3 billion dollars, corresponding to 5.6 percent. China gets a 17.2 percent share with 89 billion 675 million dollars. America gets the 11.4 percent slice with 59 billion 403 million dollars. Spain gets a 13.1 percent share with 68 billion 409 million dollars, France gets a 9.9 percent share with 51 billion 372 million dollars, and Germany gets a 6.5 percent share with 33 billion 843 million dollars. Italy gets a 5.7 percent share with 29 billion 922 million dollars, and the UK gets a 1.4 percent share with 7 billion 286 million dollars. Korea, on the other hand, receives a share of 37 billion 51 million dollars, which corresponds to 7.1 percent. Japan, on the other hand, receives a share of 21 billion 812 million dollars, which is equivalent to 4.2.

NOTABLE IN THE LIST: -The number of Turkish contracting companies in the 'World's Top 250 International Contractors' list, which was 42 according to 2013 data, increased to 43 in 2015 according to 2014 data. Contractors of the 3rd bridge and 3rd airport projects were also included in the list. Cengiz İnşaat decreased from 146 to 169. While Kolin İnşaat decreased from 219 to 240 in the list, Limak increased from 163 to 145. İçtaş, on the other hand, went from 103rd to 121st.

-The 2014 revenues of Turkish companies increased by 43.4 percent compared to the previous year, reaching 29.3 billion dollars. The income of the Chinese companies that rank first on the list is 89 billion 675 million dollars.

-In addition to Öztürk Holding, Kuzu İnşaat entered the list at the 151st place, Dorçe İnşaat at the 232nd place, and Prekons İnşaat at the 242nd place. Kuzu İnşaat is carrying out a 2 billion dollar housing project in Iran. Prekons, which has completed 3.2 million square meters of work in more than 50 countries, is an expert in modular structures and light steel buildings. Dorçe, on the other hand, develops projects in Africa, Iraq, Russia, Gulf Countries, Kazakhstan and South America.

-The share of Turkish companies in total income, which was 3.8 percent in 2013, was 5.6 percent in 2014.

-Turkey ranks 2nd on the list after China. In the list of the top 250 contractors, 65 from China, 43 from Turkey, 32 from America, 15 from Italy, 14 from Japan, 12 from Korea, 11 from Spain, 5 from France, Germany and Australia. There are 4 companies from , 3 from England and Brazil, and 2 from the Netherlands. Who is Yusuf Öztürk? Yusuf Öztürk, who quickly entered the TOP 250 Contractors list, was born in Urfa in 1973 due to his father's duty, and is originally from Amasya. Öztürk, who graduated from ITU Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department in 1995, founded Öztürk Holding in 1995 within the family company established in 1989. Yusuf Öztürk has been the chairman of the board of directors of the London-based finance company of which he is a shareholder and founder, Dutinvest International Group of Company, since 2005. Yusuf Öztürk, who was the Turkey president of the World and Turkish Businessmen Association, headquartered in London, between 2004 and 2006, also has honorary presidents and memberships in non-governmental organizations in Turkey. 16 thousand 800 houses in Northern Iraq Stating that they are working on a project of 16 thousand 800 houses in NORTH Iraq, Yusuf Öztürk said that they are planning an investment of 3 billion 340 million dollars for this. Öztürk said, "This will be the largest housing project undertaken abroad by a Turkish contractor in one fell swoop." Öztürk stated that they carried out a project of 2 thousand 120 houses in Baghdad Zaferani region for the state.

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