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'Double Highway Project' with a budget of 740 million dollars

Updated: Jan 9

Cameroon and Öztürk Holding concluded the tender process they had been carrying out for 1 year and signed the 'Double Highway Project' with a budget of 740 million dollars.

Speaking during his visit to our country in March last year, Cameroonian President Paul Biya called for Turkish businessmen to invest in their country, saying: "There is a need for infrastructure projects such as bridges, dams, airports and railways in Cameroon. As Turkish businessmen, you can contribute to all these investments." was found.

While natural resources are decreasing day by day and are on the verge of extinction, Cameroon is one of the shining stars of Africa with its undiscovered and rich underground resources. Although it is far behind many world countries, Africa is among the target countries of the next 50 years due to the richness of its natural resources. For the development of the country's economy; It needs many infrastructure and superstructure projects, from roads to airports, from railways to housing and energy. This situation provides an opportunity for Africa to become an attractive investment and trade center for Turkish investors. Öztürk Holding, which has undertaken many projects on the African continent for nine years and is a follower of the development process of Africa, brings the southwest and north-east of Cameroon closer together with the 580km Ebolowa-AkomIlı-Krıbı and Bertourı-Kentzou Double Highway Project.

There is a Turkish Signature in All Stages of the Project…

Yusuf Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Öztürk Holding: "As it is known, African countries are regions where no investment has been made for many years and whose technology is far behind. For this reason, the most important element in the development of all African countries and the development of their economies is possible with the healthy construction of highway networks. 189KM – 193KM – We have completed the 1st phase of the project, which has 3 phases in total, with a length of 198 KM. As Öztürk Holding, we continue our services in Africa with the principle of introducing Turkish engineering to those countries on a separate continent from Turkey and leaving the right references to the next generations. Our project, for which we have determined the delivery time as 60 months, is turnkey. It does not include engineering structures. Since there is no production in African countries, all materials and equipment to be used will be supplied from Turkey. In this way, the Ebolowa-AkomI-Krıbı and Bertourı-Kentzou Double Highway Project, which also makes serious contributions to the construction sector of our country, will be among the other projects in Turkey. "It is also an entry ticket to the African market for players." said.

Source: By Fortune Türkiye

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