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Yusuf Öztürk: We are overseas Turks

Updated: Jan 9

In our interview with Yusuf Öztürk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Öztürk Holding, Öztürk stated that they have exhibited a successful growth in these countries by applying the experience they have gained in the projects they have realised in Turkey to their projects abroad, and that they have carried the Turkish signature to 56 countries where they operate abroad by saying "We are overseas Turks".

Reaching an annual turnover of 4.5 billion dollars with its different structures in 56 countries, what kind of a path does Öztürk Holding follow while realising its investments, and how does the fact that you are a company with 100% foreign capital show its effect on your investments?

Our investments include construction and operation of power plants, construction and operation of highways, river bridges, construction and operation of commercial buildings (hotels, congress centres, shopping malls), construction and management of sports complexes, production and sale of cheap mass housing to the relevant states. Apart from these, if I list our activities mainly in foreign trade; defence industry products, supply of health care needs, supply of agriculture and agricultural products, supply of food products and financial funding. As a group, we are a company that has undertaken and completed over two million m2 of contracting works in Turkey in 1989, all of them for corporate companies. After proving ourselves with the projects we have realised in Turkey, we have expanded our knowledge, experience and know-how by starting an investment project in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, in 2002, by carrying out numerous projects in many cities in Europe, and by opening up to Africa and other continental countries in 2007. We continue to carry out our activities in different business lines in 33 countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

As Öztürk Holding, in which areas will your domestic and foreign investments be realised in the short and long term?

In addition to our construction and energy businesses, which are the locomotives of our investment plans for the coming period, we are continuing our very serious work on the acquisition of a GSM operator in a country in the West African corridor. We will acquire a commercial bank in the Central African Republic. Apart from this, the infrastructure of our "Rapide" project, which will be active in 3 countries of West Africa for the time being in the field of e-commerce, including delivery to the door with motor courier and logistics vehicles, has been completed and will be opened in March 2023. Africa is a very important market for our Group. We can say that the 54 countries in the African continent are our second home continent. Every cent of money invested in this continent returns to the investor with a very serious profit. Therefore, according to the situation of the countries, this is a continent where those who take the risk will gain. We are chasing every opportunity in this context.

Finally, what would you like to add?

Finally, we are the representatives of the 2000-year-old Turkish state tradition that knows how to manage and produce all over the world. We have no borders. I invite all Turkish businessmen to explore and conquer the untrodden geographies of the world.


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