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The first pilot project of the Kaaba bears a Turkish signature

Updated: Jan 9

Our news published in Yeni Asya Newspaper dated 27 August 2014; Work on the expansion of the Kaaba has been accelerated in Mecca, where approximately 10 million Muslims flock to perform their pilgrimage and Umrah duties every year.

In this new formation in the Kaaba, Öztürk Holding received all permissions from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to implement the first pilot project of the region, a project that can accommodate 100 thousand pilgrims and meet all their needs (food, health, shopping, etc.), 2 thousand 800 meters away from the Kaaba. It will be built for Indonesian pilgrims. With this project, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will organize the Hajj pilgrimage for the first time in cooperation with the private sector. The 7 thousand 1+0 residence housing project, consisting of 10 separate towers with 33 floors, will include an open market area, a 5-star guest hotel and a shopping center. This project, prepared for Indonesia, the country that sends the most pilgrims to Mecca, will be the first pilot application in the expansion of the Kaaba.

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