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'Green Economy Awards' found their winners

Updated: Jan 9

Based on the Green Economy Program presented by journalist Celal Toprak, the 4th Green Economy Awards were given this year to honor individuals and institutions that have produced projects due to the importance and sensitivity they attach to the environment.

The ceremony held at Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn; There was intense participation from the business world, bureaucracy, local governments and media world.

At the award ceremony hosted by Celal Toprak and Mehmet Gözcü; 'those who think money is nothing when the last tree is cut down and the last fish is consumed' come together and those who take steps towards the Green Economy are encouraged in this meaningful night.

He is asked about Africa... Yusuf Öztürk is one of the Turkish businessmen who knows Africa best... He has undertaken important projects in more than 6 countries in the Dark Continent alone. He guided and energized the sad people of Africa. While doing this, he took utmost care not to damage the natural structure of Africa. Yusuf Öztürk paved the way for everyone who wanted to do business in Africa. He emphasizes every time that he will continue to open... It was decided to give an award to Yusuf Öztürk, who has accomplished important works in every field in Africa, from food to textiles, construction and trade, for these achievements.


Mehmet Gözcü

Here are the 4th Green Economy Awards

-Ordu Governor İrfan BALKANLIOĞLU

-Beşiktaş Sports Club President Fikret ORMAN

-Beşiktaş Mayor Av.Murat HAZİNEDAR

-Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Özlem ÇERÇİOĞLU

-Öztürk Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Yusuf ÖZTÜRK

-TANAP General Manager H.Saltuk DÜZYOL

-Ahmet Kenan TANRIKULU

-NTV Doğuş Broadcasting Group Chairman of the Board Erman YERDELEN

-Uyumsoft Chairman of the Board Mehmet ÖNDER

-Reis Gıda Chairman of the Board Mehmet REİS

-Onkat Bilişim AŞ Partner Nezihe KILINÇ

-Op.Dr.Mesut ÖZCAN

-Ekol Logistics Inc. General Manager Cavit Değirmenci

-Elita Gıda A.Ş General Manager İbrahim Ethem CAN

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