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As Öztürk Holding, with our years of experience and expert team, we offer our customers reliable, high-quality and sustainable construction solutions for all kinds of construction needs.


Project management, construction and engineering issues are among our areas of expertise. We are a company that has knowledge and experience in construction and comes from the core of the business. With our vision of being a pioneer in the sector, we manage each of our projects carefully and aim to maximize customer satisfaction. Our expertise in this sector has led us to great success.

We have undertaken countless projects, not only in our country, but also in many continents and geographies, including hospitals, infrastructure, superstructure, Rail Systems, Industrial Facilities, Commercial Buildings and Housing projects, so we are Turks who have crossed the seas.

“We build sustainable structures.”


Our Difference?

1. Expert staff: We work with engineers, architects and craftsmen who are experienced in their fields.

2. Quality Standards: We use materials and techniques that comply with the highest quality standards in the construction industry.

3. Project Management: We complete your projects on time and within budget with transparent communication and effective project management at every stage.

4. Environmental Responsibility: We fulfill our environmental responsibility by using sustainable construction practices and environmentally friendly materials.

5. Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We aim to exceed our customers' expectations in every project.

Öztürk Holding is a company that is known for its quality and reliable projects in the construction industry and has gained strength with the awards it has received.

Our projects for the countries in the earthquake zone where we work include a comprehensive approach from start to finish, from making buildings earthquake-resistant to increasing public awareness and creating disaster management strategies.

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