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As Öztürk Holding, we are proud to be a leading company in the mining industry, with a strong mining tradition and experience.


It is a company that specializes in surface mining activities, offers innovative solutions and adheres to the principles of sustainability.

“Built from Nature, Coming from the Underground.”

The sensitivity of mining work requires knowledge and experience for success. Our confidence in this regard comes from the value we attach to work and our high quality work. We are proud to represent our country in this sector, as in all our work.


Our vision is to contribute to a sustainable future worldwide through the effective and responsible use of natural resources. Öztürk Holding carries the mission of creating value for its customers and constantly improves by adopting the best practices in the industry.

We continue to grow day by day in the mining industry with the minerals we export to 26 countries around the world. First, we contribute to the growth of the country's economy and sector with the mines we established in Cameroon, Amasya and Sivas.

We carry the value to the future by discovering the riches under the ground.

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