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As a pioneer and innovative company in the energy sector, it adds value to the future by offering sustainable energy solutions. Our mission is to provide high quality service to our customers with reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly energy sources and to meet their energy needs in the most effective way.

We have undertaken many successful projects in the field of energy, we have established field type power plants, we have also produced 150MW of energy with our own power plants in a short period of six months, we have installed countless wind turbines and solar panels in Africa and we continue to do so. On an individual basis, we are the first company to install solar panels jointly with the World Bank in one hundred thousand residences in Ghana. That's why we know no limits in breaking new ground in energy. so we are Turks who have crossed the seas.

“Sustainability is the Key to Our Energy.”

Our Difference?

1. Innovative Solutions: We closely follow the developments in the energy sector and always offer the most innovative solutions to our customers. We develop environmentally friendly projects by investing in renewable energy sources.

2. Sustainability: Love for the environment and nature is at the center of our business policy. We manage our projects with the principle of sustainability and work to minimize environmental impacts.

3. Energy Saving: We offer our customers effective strategies for energy saving and help them reduce their energy costs.

4. Expert Staff: Our staff, consisting of expert and experienced engineers in the energy sector, works to complete your projects at the highest standards and on time.

5. Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is a priority for us. We are in constant communication with our customers from the beginning to the end of the project and offer solutions specific to their needs.


We always invest in the future with the principle of sustainability, which is the most important building block of the sector. Our goal is not to consume the world's resources, but to make the resources productive.

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