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As we step into a new era, we first owe a debt of gratitude to the past. The work done so far, the successes achieved and the difficulties encountered have brought us to this point. But now we have unprecedented opportunities and innovations before us. We work on many parameters. These include good structuring, good teamwork, everyone doing their own job on a sectoral basis, and doing every job in the best possible way, making us Öztürk Holding.

Our goal is only quality and trust. This is what sets us apart from other companies. Success is not something that comes naturally. Success is not a matter of luck or fate. Success is the sum of the work we do.

As someone who knows the phrase 'Promising and fulfilling' very well, I believe that the most important thing that makes us who we are is the assurance of our promises. Because it is the reference that brings the work. This is our cornerstone. Being able to fulfill a job when promised is the most important factor. Öztürk Holding is a roof built on these factors. Our promise is our guarantee. We have a structure that strives to do the job of every climate and every country, without knowing borders, Because we are Turks who have crossed the seas.

In this new era, we are starting a process in which we will focus on change and innovation. Taking leadership of the future means not only improving the current situation, but also looking for new ways and methods.

Together with you, our valuable team, we aim to make a difference not only in our industry but also in our society. By working together to embrace change and achieve success, we will build a sustainable future.

We know the importance of creative ideas, bold steps and a common vision. I believe that we will write success stories together in the coming days, strengthened by the contributions of each of you.

With a mindset open to innovation, trusting each other and working determinedly, we reinforce our belief that we will shape not only the present but also the future.

Together, we are stepping into a period of great success and progress. I wholeheartedly believe that our new beginnings will add value to all of us and our environment.

Thank you.

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