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Öztürk Holding ranks 18th among the world's 250 largest contractors. It attracted attention with the award it received from ENR, the world's largest evaluation company.

Öztürk Holding, whose foundations were laid in 1989, gained its corporate identity in 1995. Öztürk Holding, which successfully continued its activities in Turkey until 2009, later expanded into the African project thanks to its partnership with Allianz, one of the largest companies in France. Öztürk Holding, which has completed many hospital projects in Germany. It has completed the projects of the headquarters buildings of almost all corporate companies in Turkey. The field hospitals project, which is the largest project in Africa, was completed in a short period of three years.

With the institutionalization of the company, many foreign partnerships were established. He partnered with the Al Maktoum family in Dubai. It established its headquarters in Dubai. Öztürk Holding has been launched here. And while we continue to operate with trademark registration procedures for patent rights protected all over the world, our awareness in the Middle East market has increased. In the meantime, they established a joint company with the sultans of Oman and established their second headquarters. He carried out commercial activities in African and Asian countries from two castles. In addition, it has established many power plants such as solar energy, solar energy and thermal power plants by establishing thermal power plants in countries with energy deficits.

For example, it has built airport projects, as well as projects for Indonesian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, as well as permanent residences where hundreds of thousands of pilgrims can come and perform their pilgrimage at the same time, and many other large projects.

Öztürk Holding ranked 6th among the top 20 auditing companies in the world and 5th among the best auditing companies globally. Being able to represent our country in the world in this way is one of the most honorable things for Öztürk Holding.

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